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Welcome to HouseBun
Welcome to HouseBun, the list for people who live with house rabbits! We hope this list will provide you with reliable information so that your rabbit will be given the opportunity to live to his or her full life potential of 8-10 years or more. This list is moderated by volunteers who have lived with hundreds of rabbits. Our purpose is to provide you with reliable accurate information, gathered from HRS foster homes around the US. We’ve found that each rabbit is a unique individual and because of the large number of foster rabbits that we have known and loved, our perspective is much broader than people who live with one or two rabbits. We will attempt to obtain answers to medical related question from our very experienced rabbit veterinarians and therefore may not be able to respond to questions immediately. Please feel free to agreeably disagree or to question responses and of course to provide your own input to discussions. How else will we all continue to learn? 

To read previous archived discussions go to: http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/HouseBun

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