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House Rabbits Looking for a Great Home

Please visit our adoption center at:
Rabbit Meadows

We do not do same day adoptions: We verify that your landlord allows rabbits, or that you own your own home, or that your condo allows animals. We may do a home visit, if you've never had rabbits, to help you to bunny proof. The rabbits house must be no less than 8 sq. ft.

We only do adoptions within the Seattle and Puget Sound area. Companion rabbits must live inside in order to be part of the family. If interested in a particular animal, you must come in to our shelter to meet one another. Our current adoption fee is $70 for a single rabbit or $120 for a pair.

We do NOT accept rabbits from the public. We work only with public shelters that must euthanize when they are too full. Please do not call or e-mail asking us to take your rabbit or a rabbit you've found. The Animal Control Agency who covers the city/county you live in will take your unwanted animals.

Our Rabbits
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Flopsy & Mopsy

Sisters born10/22/12. Spayed 11/17/14. These two large girls can be a ton of fun. Flopsy has a large bite out of her left ear making them easy to tell apart. She's the dominant girl, always bossing her sister around. They will need a large space and plenty of time out for exercise. They have lived with an 8 year old child.
Flopsy:- 028*831*345 weight 13lb 6oz
Mopsy - 028*858*372 weight 15lb 11oz

Flopsy & Mopsy

Pat & Pete Pat & Pete

Pete (who has regular hair) & Pat (who has a very soft fine coat) were born on 2-19-07 at Everett Animal Control.
They are friendly, sociable brothers who have been at our shelter since Feb. 2007. White bunnies with ruby colored eyes are the absolute best! They are very social, enjoy lots of attention and are very bonded. You will see them constantly grooming one another. Do you have a home for both of them?
Adoption Fee $100
Pete and Pat exercisingl


**Seasonal availability ;-) **Maintenance Free **Doesn't need to use a litterbox **No feeding necessary **Will cool your house in the summer


Jasmine, June, Jason & Josylynn Jasmine, June, Jason & Josylynn Jasmine, June, Jason & Josylynn

Jason, the boy is neutered and is the lightest brown in color. His sisters live with him and will be spayed soon. They are all very social and enjoy attention. Call to schedule a meeting with them.
The lower photo shows them at 3 weeks old. (Gray & white boy, Juniper has been adopted.) Born 6-6-11 ... boy do they grow fast!
Adoption fee $70 or $120/pair.
Josylynn (grey, far right)
Jason (next to Josylynn)
June (with head in food bowl)
Jasmine (laying with head on Jason)


Dilbert was born 11/24/10 then he and his brothers were dumped at Everett Animal Shelter. A bit shy, but enjoys attention. And needs lotsa love.
Adoption fee $70



Cuddles & Dora Cuddles & Dora

Cuddles has a salt & pepper coat. Dora has velvety soft fur. They are sisters and were born appx May 2012. They apparently lived as free running house rabbits until their elderly owner was suddenly taken to a nursing facility.
They are both friendly, social rabbits who want to stay together.
Adoption Fee $120/pair
Cuddles - 069*615*784
Dora - 069*615*859

Tawny and Testy

Tawny (l), female, born in August 2010. And Testy(r) male, born 11/24/10. Testy's the sweetest, very social bunny while Tawny is on the shy side.

Tawny and Testy

Bacardi & Bingo Bacardi & Bingo Bacardi & Bingo

Brothers. Born January 2014, neutered 4/29/14. Bacardi is the shyer of the two, but loves being brushed/petted and is becoming more social with each grooming session.
Bacardi: 069*876*107
Bingo : 069*886*283
Adoption fee $120/pair


Born Jan 8, 2012. This beautiful Rex rabbit was surrendered because his left eyelid is turning under (entropian) and he needed surgery to correct it. He is already neutered. His eye surgery was done one 7/21/14. He's now out of pain. He may be blind in that eye, but he's a super rabbit and would like to get back to being someone's house bunny.
Adoption fee $70


Hobbit Hobbit

Hobbit is a neutered male bunny born appx July 2013, He doesn't hear well (a condition that many lop eared rabbits share.) He's full of energy, tolerates being held, but prefers to sit beside you.

Come to our Kenmore shelter to visit with him.
Adoption fee $70

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