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House Rabbits Looking for a Great Home

Please visit our adoption center at:
Rabbit Meadows

We do not do same day adoptions: We verify that your landlord allows rabbits, or that you own your own home, or that your condo allows animals. We may do a home visit, if you've never had rabbits, to help you to bunny proof. The rabbits house must be no less than 8 sq. ft.

We only do adoptions within the Seattle and Puget Sound area. Companion rabbits must live inside in order to be part of the family. If interested in a particular animal, you must come in to our shelter to meet one another. Our current adoption fee is $70 for a single rabbit or $120 for a pair.

We do NOT accept rabbits from the public. We work only with public shelters that must euthanize when they are too full. Please do not call or e-mail asking us to take your rabbit or a rabbit you've found. The Animal Control Agency who covers the city/county you live in will take your unwanted animals.

Our Rabbits
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Ella was born appx Jan 9, 2016. She was found with her sister in a cardboard box by the side of the road in Seattle. She is shy until getting to know you, & social when tempted with treats. She wants a home where someone can brush her daily because she mats easily.
Spayed 5/16/16
Adoption fee $70
Ella and her sister were adopted together and then returned when the family suddenly became "allergic" likely to cleaning their litterbox.
Ella-Avid ID: 837*547*320


Lou & Penny Lou & Penny

Lou (m) is the brown rex and Penny is the brown/white bunny. Very bonded adorable rabbits.
These bunnies were adopted over 4 years ago and just recently turned into an animal shelter instead of being returned to us. They claimed that the bunnies were "not social enough". It's more likely that their kids have grown and lost interest. :-(
They are back in Poulsbo with us ... looking for a permanent forever home.
Born 9-21-15
Spayed/Neutered 2-1-16
Penny's MC : 837450299
Lou's MC : 837523353
Adoption fee $120/pair


Bowie came to us with a bad head tilt causing him to lose his balance. After treatment, his balance has returned and he's becoming more able to keep his head upright. At this point he looks very cute and quizzical.
He's very good with his litter box, jumps up onto his box and runs around just like any rabbit.
He's looking for a girlfriend to keep him company for the rest of their lives.
Birthday appx: August 2016
Adoption fee $70.


Nibbles Nibbles

Nibbles was born appx Oct, 2019. He was found with his brother in Ellensburg. He is very social, loves pets and can be picked up, once he trusts you. He wants a home where someone can interact with him daily. His name is Nosey because he stuck his nose in another rabbits pen and it was bitten off. Although he's used to living alone (but in a room with 10 other rabbits) he could be adopted as a single bunny, but ideally would prefer a female bunny friend.
Neutered 2/18/20
Adoption fee $100


**Seasonal availability ;-) **Maintenance Free **Doesn't need to use a litterbox **No feeding necessary **Will cool your house in the summer


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