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House Rabbits Looking for a Great Home

Please visit our adoption center at:
Rabbit Meadows

We do not do same day adoptions: We verify that your landlord allows rabbits, or that you own your own home, or that your condo allows animals. We may do a home visit, if you've never had rabbits, to help you to bunny proof. The rabbits house must be no less than 8 sq. ft.

We only do adoptions within the Seattle and Puget Sound area. Companion rabbits must live inside in order to be part of the family. If interested in a particular animal, you must come in to our shelter to meet one another. Our current adoption fee is $70 for a single rabbit or $120 for a pair.

We do NOT accept rabbits from the public. We work only with public shelters that must euthanize when they are too full. Please do not call or e-mail asking us to take your rabbit or a rabbit you've found. The Animal Control Agency who covers the city/county you live in will take your unwanted animals.

Our Rabbits
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Cute as a button, but mats easily. Needs lots of brushing and TLC. Would love a boy toy of her very own. Not good with children nor 1st time bunny people.
Born 10-17-13.
Spayed (5-11-15)
Adoption fee $70


Ella & Olivia Ella & Olivia Ella & Olivia

Ella & Olivia, sisters born appx Jan 9, 2016. They were found in a cardboard box by the side of the road in Seattle. They are social, friendly rabbits but want a home where they will not be abandoned once again.
Spayed 5/16/16
Adoption fee $120
These sisters were adopted together a year ago and now returned when the family suddenly became "allergic" likely to cleaning their litterbox.
Ella-Avid ID: 837*547*320
Olivia-Avid ID: 837*526*538
Meet them at our Kenmore Shelter.

Lou & Penny

Lou (m) is the brown rex and Penny is the brown/white bunny. Very bonded adorable rabbits.
They have just returned from a foster home, where they enjoyed the social lives of house bunnies. Their foster mom wrote a detailed description of their time together, and highly recommends them as social sweet bunnies.
Adoption fee $120/pair

Lou & Penny

Snowbunny Snowbunny

**Seasonal availability ;-) **Maintenance Free **Doesn't need to use a litterbox **No feeding necessary **Will cool your house in the summer

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