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House Rabbits Looking for a Great Home

Please visit our adoption center at:
Rabbit Meadows

We do not do same day adoptions: We verify that your landlord allows rabbits, or that you own your own home, or that your condo allows animals. We may do a home visit, if you've never had rabbits, to help you to bunny proof. The rabbits house must be no less than 8 sq. ft.

We only do adoptions within the Seattle and Puget Sound area. Companion rabbits must live inside in order to be part of the family. If interested in a particular animal, you must come in to our shelter to meet one another. Our current adoption fee is $70 for a single rabbit or $120 for a pair.

We do NOT accept rabbits from the public. We work only with public shelters that must euthanize when they are too full. Please do not call or e-mail asking us to take your rabbit or a rabbit you've found. The Animal Control Agency who covers the city/county you live in will take your unwanted animals.

Our Rabbits
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Ella & Olivia

Ella & Olivia, sisters born appx Jan 9, 2016. They were found in a cardboard box by the side of the road in Seattle. They are social, friendly rabbits but want a home where they will not be abandoned once again.
Spayed 5/16/16
Adoption fee $120
These sisters were adopted together a year ago and now returned when the family suddenly became "allergic" likely to cleaning their litterbox.
Ella-Avid ID: 837*547*320
Olivia-Avid ID: 837*526*538
Meet them at our Kenmore Shelter.

Ella & Olivia Ella & Olivia

Marilyn Bunroe & Scarlett O'Hare Marilyn Bunroe & Scarlett O'Hare

2 adorable spayed sisters. Born 6-1-18.
They are looking for a home together with lots of toys and lots of time out for exercise and lots of attention from their human family.
They need a large enclosure, a minimum of 16 sf (4' x 4')
Marilyn Id: 837*530*825
Scarlett Id: 837*536*794
Come visit them at our Kenmore shelter.
Adoption fee for the already spayed, wonderful pair is $120.

Winsley & Wren

Winsley (sister) & Wren (brother) born 7-27-18. These two were dumped outdoors with their mom and some siblings just shortly after their eyes had opened, but only these two survived. Little Winsley had a rough start. When we got them she had a giant cutelebra and had lost her tail. Wren survived uninjured.
Even though they had a great foster home until they were 8 weeks old, they now refuse to be held but are a great joy to watch.
Winsley: spayed 11-5-19
...........Avid ID: 837*531*364
Wren: neutered 10-15-18
...........Avid ID: 837*517*335
Adoption Fee: $120/pair

Winsley & Wren

Barry Barry

Barry is a neutered male, born appx June 2016
Barry had to have his front teeth removed because of major maloclussion. He eats pellets just fine, you'll just have to cut his salad into small pieces. And if you give him a piece of fruit or carrot you will need to cut it into small pieces so he can pick them up with his lips to move to his molars for chewing.
He's a great house rabbit, since he can't chew your wires or wood.
If you have a female rabbit looking for a friend this could be the guy.
ID: 982126052349723

Ashley & Wynonna

Sisters born 7-12-17. For dwarf rabbits, they're very social. Come check them out at our Kenmore Shelter.
Both spayed 8-13-18
Ashley is white, Microchip ID:837*538*331
Wynonna is brown, ID: 837*548*318
Adoption fee $120/pair

Ashley & Wynonna Ashley & Wynonna

Monty Monty

Monty is a shy guy looking for a girl friend of his own. He's becoming more social every day and is very tidy with his litter box habits. He takes a very short time to warm up to new people. So, if you're looking for a friend for your female bunny, come visit Monty and see if he might make a good match.
Born appx Jan 2015
Microchip Id: 982126052350987
Adoption fee $70

Jen & Rosie

Jen (left) is the daughter of Rosie. VERY sweet, social girls. They need lots of playtime out of their enclosure. Love people and one another.
Rosie: Born 1-10-15, Microchip Id: 982126051033061, spayed 1-8-18, Rosie has full body long hair so you'll need to keep up on her combing or she'll turn into one big mat ball.
Jen: ...Born 7-10-17, Microchip Id: 982126051032892, spayed 1-8-18, Jen is more of a lion head so regular brushing will keep her fur in good condition.
Adoption fee for the pair is $120

Jen & Rosie

Snowbunny Snowbunny

**Seasonal availability ;-) **Maintenance Free **Doesn't need to use a litterbox **No feeding necessary **Will cool your house in the summer

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