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You Can Make a Difference!
Your donations keep us up and running at Rabbit Meadows! So many animals have a second chance at a new life because of our generous donors. We couldn't do it without you!

We thought you might like to know what your money is used for here at the shelter, so here are some examples of what your donations do:

Help build our exciting new shelter!

If you can't donate dollars, consider donating time like these Microsoft employees did.
You can also order photo tiles with your companions photo to help build the shelter and memorialize your companion animal.

Give hard-to-adopt animals like Mattie some time to be discovered by just the right person.

Being large, white, and red-eyed guaranteed that it was going to take Mattie some time to find a home. Most shelters do not have the space to keep hard-to-adopt animals alive for long. Your money bought Mattie the months she needed to find her wonderful new home with a family who recognized that she's just perfect.

Provide much needed food, housing and medical care, including spays and neuters.

Most of the animals that come to Rabbit Meadows need to be spayed or neutered and many of them need extra special care. Owners often abandon animals because they need veterinary care due to sickness, old age, or abuse. We are their last chance. Your donations help them get the care and medical attention they need.

Provide Sanctuary for rabbits who can't be adopted

Feral rabbits are not good candidates to be adopted as house rabbits. Our Sanctuary at Rabbit Meadows is set up just for them, because we believe that all animals, regardless of temperament or affinity for humans, deserve to live out their lives free from fear, pain, hunger and emotional or physical suffering. Although the rabbits live in a natural way, they must still be fed and have their medical needs taken care of, and your donations do just that. In addition to the buildings we also need funding for:

  • A drilled well (our current well is too shallow)
  • A new septic system (our current system is designed for a single family home and is not adequate for a large number of visitors)
  • Tractor (We will compost and sell bunny poop)
  • Landscaping,: plants, etc.

Build an education center for current and potential adopters

We see this as a place where we can offer classes and education of all kinds for those wishing to learn how to better care for their companion animals. It will also be a place from which we can educate the general public about all rabbit, guinea pig and rodent related matters.

These are just some of the things your donations can and will accomplish. You can donate by using the button below, mail us a check, or call us with your credit card number. We are a 501(c)(3) corporation and all donations are tax deductible.

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Many, Many Thanks to all of you for all you've done! Your contributions truly make a difference in the world!

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