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The Frequently Asked Question or FAQ section will help you find answers to the most common questions. If you need an answer to something that is not here, please send mail to info@RabbitMeadows.org and let us know. We will be glad to look into your questions.

Spayed/Neutered Age

Females can be spayed as soon as they sexually mature, usually around 4 months of age, but many veterinarians prefer to wait until they are 6 months old. The exact percentage of females who get uterine cancer is not known. We do know that a huge percentage of unspayed females between 2 and 5 years of age do get uterine cancer. At that age, surgery will likely be riskier and the cancer may have spread by the time it is diagnosed. Males can be neutered as soon as the testicles descend, usually around 3-1/2 months of age, but many veterinarians prefer to wait until they are 5 months old. (Although males can get testicular cancer it is not as frequent a problem as the cancers that females experience.) Males can be very "obnoxious" in their sexual behavior by spraying, mounting and marking their territory with droppings. This sexual behavior is frequently the reason that rabbits are dumped at shelters.

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