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Bonding Your Rabbit to Another

Everyone uses such different bonding techniques and what works in one case doesn't always work in the other. I used to use car rides as the basic training aid, but stopped when I almost had an accident. ;-)

My current method is:
(1) set aside one full hour, each day for one week
(2) get a broom or plastic garden rake and good thumping shoes.
(3) Set up two exercise pens (a 4' x 12' space) or any equivalent sized area where there is NO furniture for the rabbits to get under.
(4) insert both rabbits, yourself, and broom/rake.
(5) for one full hour do NOT let the rabbits touch one another! (Rabbits are allowed to stretch their noses out towards one another, but when they get within 1" of the other nose.....THUMP!) THUMP, put broom/rake between them.
The rabbits will start ignoring each other, may begin grooming, doing bunny dances, etc., etc., etc. but do NOT let them touch. You can just sit there bored out of your mind in anticipation of the next time you will need to THUMP. This is not a bonding time for *you* and the rabbits. Do NOT pet, or groom either of them. If you are on the floor and one climbs onto your lap that's fine, but ignore him, do nothing to encourage it.
Next day repeat steps 1-4.
(6) allow rabbits to touch noses and to continue getting closer to each other without a reaction of any kind from you. If you see any hint of aggression or have any doubt what-so-ever, do the THUMP, THUMP routine. Even if you're wrong and they really weren't thinking of killing each other rabbit, it will let them know that you're the top bun and that you won't stand for any nonsense.

Each day thereafter, they will act less and less aggressive and should be allowed more and more contact. They will lay closer and closer to each other and will eventually throw in a couple of grooming licks.

Using this method it takes from 2 - 7 days to send home a bonded pair of rabbits. Over the past 10+ years there have been 7 rabbits returned for additional bonding, a very small percentage of the total. GOOD LUCK! :-)

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